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Swedish Massage

  • Swedish Massage is a gentle and relaxing full-body massage that incorporates various techniques to promote overall relaxation.The therapist will adapt the pressure and techniques to your comfort level, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    Swedish massage involves a combination of techniques, including:

Effleurage: Long, sweeping strokes that help to warm up the muscles and prepare the body for deeper work. Effleurage strokes are usually performed with the palms of the hands and can be light or firmer, depending on your preference.

Petrissage: Kneading, rolling, and squeezing motions that target deeper layers of muscle tissue. Petrissage helps to release muscle tension and improve circulation.

Friction: Deep, circular movements that work on specific areas of tension or knots in the muscles. Friction techniques can help to break up adhesions and relieve localized discomfort.

Tapotement: Rhythmic tapping or percussion movements using the fingertips, cupped hands, or the edge of the hand. Tapotement can invigorate the muscles, improve circulation, and provide a sense of energy.

Vibration: Fine, rapid shaking or trembling movements that can be applied using the fingertips or the entire hand. Vibration techniques help to relax the muscles and release tension.

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