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Cristina Vasilos

Senior Therapist

Cristina is a licensed massage therapist and a registered nurse who started her healthcare career journey back in Europe more than 10 years ago. With a desire to expand her career horizons and explore new opportunities, our therapist made the bold decision to move to the United States. Recognizing the value of further education and qualifications, she dedicated herself to acquiring the necessary credentials in her new home. She immersed herself in the rigorous curriculum, honing her skills, and embracing the unique approaches and techniques prevalent in the American healthcare system. Her commitment to excellence led her to successfully complete an associate degree nursing program at William Rainey Harper College in Illinois, then later earning a valuable bachelor's degree in nursing from Western Governors University. This achievement not only solidified her knowledge of medical practices but also deepened her understanding of holistic care and patient well-being.


Simultaneously, she pursued her passion for massage therapy, undertaking specialized training at Allied   Health Career Institute, then transferred to the reputable massage school Washington Spa Academy from where she earned the essential credits for obtaining a Washington State massage license. By obtaining her massage license, she demonstrated her expertise in various massage modalities and her dedication to providing exceptional care to her clients. The fusion of their European roots and American education has endowed our therapist with a comprehensive skill set and a diverse range of techniques. She seamlessly integrates her knowledge of nursing practices and her expertise in massage therapy, offering a truly holistic and personalized approach to healing.

As a massage therapist and the nurse, I bring a unique combination of knowledge and skills to each client with a deep understanding of human anatomy as well as medical conditions and challenges I apply my knowledge to each massage session with the sense of clinical precision. I have the ability to recognize which techniques will work best for our client taking into account any limitations or considerations due to their overall health my nursing background allows me to see the bigger picture and understand the underlying causes of physical manifestations of stress, anxiety, tension, and pain allow me to treat not only the symptoms but the underlying causes of discomfort.


I enjoy being both a nurse and a massage therapist because they allow me to experience the best of both worlds as a nurse I get to rush of adrenaline on the hospital hallways but every second counts and I’m part of a team that works together to save lives being a nurse give me a sense of purpose and meaning knowing that I’m making a difference in patients life and contributing to their recovery.

On the other hand, as a massage therapist, I find that the calmness and holistic approach of a massage therapy brings me inner peace and satisfactions. Massage therapy allows me to take a step back from the fast-paced hospital environment and focus solely on healing through the power of touch I enjoy creating a relaxing and nurturing environment for my clients and helping them to find physical and emotional relief. I believe that the two professions complement each other nicely as each contributes essential skills and perspective to other.


Massage License #: MA61333118
Registered Nurse License #: RN61310874
Member of American Massage therapy association since 2022, AMTA-Member ID#: 2011827 

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the largest non-profit, professional association representing massage therapy and was founded in 1943.

Professional Liability Occurrence Coverage-master policy number: 0289955556


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